Pacari Chocolates UK & Ireland postal packaging now recyclable, compostable and plastic free

Great News!

Recyclable, compostable, plastic free postal packaging from Pacari Chocolates UK & Ireland.



We are delighted to announce that we are converting all our postal packaging to environmentally friendly materials. No more bubble wrap on our boxes or envelopes, no more protection that is made from plastic, no more plastic air bags. We decided at the end of last year to start trying different materials to use on our packaging, so that we could achieve our goals of eliminating plastic from our postal materials. This is in line with Pacari Chocolates ethos and values and the desire to our part in reducing the plastic that is harming our planet.

Most Pacari Chocolates UK orders are now dispatched in corrugated boxes which are produced from 100% recovered fibre content, kraft paper. Once used, these boxes are 100% recyclable for use in the manufacture of other paper products.

The envelopes we use are recyclable and plastic free, biodegradable and compostable

We also use ECO FLO Biodegradable Loose Fill packaging nuts which are made from GMO free starch and are 100% biodegradable and compostable (EN13432)

There is a new packaging tape coming, made by Eco Craft in the UK and is also fully biodegradable.

Finally, our tissue paper is acid-free making it fully compostable and biodegradable.

Pacari Chocolates UK is aiming that by June 2019 we could have all of our postal packaging plastic free.

As a company with strong beliefs in caring and looking after our planet, including wildlife, society and environment, we're constantly looking for ways to further reduce our environmental impact, you can help be part of this too by telling us what we should look into for the future. 

Find our more about our Environmental policy which sets out our commitment to managing waste generated from our business operations according to the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Thank you for choosing Pacari Chocolates! 

Juan Andres

CEO Pacari Chocolates UK & Ireland




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