Going Beyond the Fairtrade Certification

Opinion piece

By Juan Andres Santelices

This last year, Pacari Chocolate was selected as one of the top 2 most ethical chocolates in the market by the prestigious Ethical Consumer Magazine, obtaining 17.5 points (out of 20). First place received 18 points, ahead of traditional brands like Booja Booja (17 points), Divine (12.5) points and other fair-trade and organic certified brands.

The results show clearly that having just one or more certifications is not enough to guarantee whether a brand is ethical or not. Green & Black Organic & Fairtrade (receiving 4 points) and Asda Fairtrade and Nestle Chocolate (with 0.5 points) highlight this. Consumers have to look beyond certifications to judge to which extent a brand is ethical! Furthermore, brands should not rely on just one type of certification and look into other issues that may not be covered by these. Ethical Consumer Magazine evaluated different categories, including; Environment (environment reporting, climate change, palm oil, among others), Animal (animal testing, animal right, etc), People (human rights, workers right, supply chain management, etc), Politics (anti-social finance, controversial technologies, etc), Company Ethos and Product Sustainability. You can find more on this research and article at the Ethical Consumer Magazine issue by clicking here https://bit.ly/2DdX8u4

Pacari Chocolate is in the process of obtaining another certification - another important step towards us again leading as one of the most ethical and sustainable chocolate brands in the UK market. Today Pacari works with certifications like, SPP(Small Producer certification a Fair trade certification), B-Corporation, Organic, Biodynamic, Kosher, but also has policies in not using any palm oil, not supporting deforestation, being vegan, it is looking to have the most friendly possible packaging to reduce their impact on the planet and has a partnership with WWF Ecuador on conservation of native Ecuadorian animals like; Jaguar and River Dolphin among others.

Still, none of this will matter without the continued support from all the true ethical chocolate lovers and supporters of fair trade. With the effects of Brexit looming closer, the livelihoods of thousands of people in Ecuador and the sustainability of small businesses like Pacari Chocolates hangs in the balance. As the politicians work to negotiate new trade deals in lieu of EU trade agreements, it is now more important than ever that you make your voices heard about ethical and fair trade.




Juan Andres Santelices

Founder / CEO Fair Business Alliance Ltd

Representative for Pacari Chocolate UK & Ireland


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