Paccari chocolate UK is an official sponsor of Iberodocs 2024 film festival

Paccari Chocolate UK, official sponsor of Iberodocs 2024 film festival

Cacao and chocolate are part of our Ecuadorian culture and also for many more countries where cacao has been for centuries in their lives.

Like in Ecuador where indigenous communities domesticated the cacao tree over 5000 years ago, cacao has been with them for thousands of years. Therefore cacao and culture are not separate concepts but they go together.

Today we want to bring to your attention that Paccari chocolate UK is sponsoring the film festival Ibero Docs on its 10th anniversary, because we want to contribute with what we can to support culture in our city, Edinburgh, as in Glasgow where this film festival is taking place. we want to support films that have been made in Ibero-American countries. 

On this version of the festival, Ibero Docs celebrates the best of Ibero-American culture and documentary films from Brazil, Argentina, Cabo Verde, Panama, Spain, and Portugal. 

This year’s festival is on the theme of ‘reconnecting’, featuring places experiencing significant transformation and people who embody the spirit of community. 

The main characters are resilient women, shattering stereotypes and fighting prejudices with indomitable spirits. 

Tickets and information: 



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