Climate crisis, we have to act now!

The climate crisis we are in has turned even worst this 2023.

Not only is 2023 the warmest year on record, it is also the first year with all days over 1°C warmer than the pre-industrial period. Temperatures during 2023 likely exceed those of any period in at least the last 100,000 years.”

Yes our online shop sales the most ethical chocolate and as such we have a responsibility too to discuss with you this life threatening issue.

Therefore every month I will be sharing with you on this blog page some small and / or big steps we can all take to help our planet and I will be very happy to get more good ideas from you all. 

No one can save planet earth alone, we have to do it together. It is not an option but our duty, our obligation. 

The steps and ideas I will share are nothing new but if we share them and commit to take steps like these every day we can make change happened. 

Definitely some of these steps means changes to our lifestyles, to our daily activities we have been used to do. It may even mean some investment from our end, we may feel we have to do sacrifices and may feel difficult. All that and more, but we and the generation behind us as all other living creature on this planet may not be able to do anything of these later nor to live as we do, because we won't be able to reverse not even stop the inevitable destruction of life as we know it. 

The cost of not investing, time, efforts and money will be a unplayable bill, the cost of not cooperating and taking individual actions today means we have no prospects of saving humanity as we know it. 

This is so far the only living planet, we have no planet B, and if we haven't learn to look after this planet full of life, why should we be able to live in another, why should we even have the right to try to live anywhere. 

We do not own these planet, no human does own it, but we belong to it and part of it as the rest of living creatures. Many of them as species, have been far longer than the human race. 

The planet and everyone is suffering, and we humans are responsible for that suffering. In fact the majority has contributed little to this suffering, but between us all we can stop it.


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