Pacari recognised as a Guaranteed Fair Trade Enterprise by WFTO

We are delighted and so proud to announce that Pacari has been recognised as a Guaranteed Fair Trade Enterprise by the World Fair Trade Organisation. 

This means that we have demonstrated compliance with the WFTO Fair Trade Standard, confirming we are a mission-led enterprise, putting people and planet first. 

By achieving this certification Pacari has shown once again that it is a company that transforms the communities in which it works with farmers, promotes environmental care, empowers women and practices organic agriculture. The WFTO seal guarantees that members are fair trade companies, which makes them pioneers in business models that prioritise people and the planet.

Fair trade is more than just trade.

  • It is a business and commerce vision that puts people and the planet before profits
  • It fights poverty, climate change, gender inequality and injustice
  • It is a proof of concept that shows the business models of the new economy

Pacari supports 3500 families in Ecuador. Pacari supports local farmers by working with them directly, not with middle men. We pay these farmers a significant premium over market prices to ensure they are fairly compensated for their products and hard work. Pacari also supports the local economy in other ways by creating job opportunities beyond farming such as technicians, designers, chocolatiers and sales and shop staff. 

This certification means that Pacari is recognised as an innovative social entrepreneur and pioneer of fair trade and contributes significantly to sustainable development, by offering better commercial conditions and guaranteeing the rights of marginalised producers and workers.

Being a Guaranteed Fair Trade member means so much to us all at Pacari and truly embodies the true values of who we are and all that we stand for. 


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