Pacari Chocolate Ranked The Most Ethical Chocolate in the UK

Ethical Consumer Magazine recently investigated, scored and ranked the ethical and environmental record of 109 brands of bars of chocolate, chocolate snacks and gift chocolates. It is with great pride that we announce that Pacari Chocolate has been ranked as no.1 most ethical chocolate in the UK out of all these brands.

In addition, it is the first ever South American made chocolate to have reached this position and the first ever tree to bar chocolate, (which means a chocolate bar is made in the country of origin that actually grows the cacao beans). This shows that a chocolate made in origin, which are usually developing countries like Ecuador, can make a difference not only to local people and environment but also perform on a world-class stage.

Ethical Consumer Magazine evaluates different categories, to categorise and produce their rankings including impact on environment, nature, animals, human rights, worker conditions, supply chain, politics, company ethos and product sustainability among others. It also looks at vegan, fair trade, use of palm oil, deforestation, child labour and cocoa certification and highlighted Pacari Chocolate as one of their Best Buys 2020.

 Juan Andres Santelices, Director of Pacari Chocolates UK said:

It is a truly great achievement for a small company from Ecuador to reach such recognition, and we are so proud that Pacari Chocolate received the honour of being ranked the most ethical chocolate in the UK market and highlighted as their No.1 Best Buy”.

 Ethical Consumer Magazine said

“Congratulations. It’s very unusual to get such a high score in our ranking system. Testament to the hard work you’re putting in.

 Since its inception in 2002, Pacari Chocolate, founded by a local Ecuadorian family, has revolutionised the cacao industry by creating a transparent model of tree-to-bar manufacturing based entirely on ethics, innovation, ecological and social responsibility, not to mention direct trade with certified organic farms throughout the country. As a proud ‘Tree to Bar’ chocolate producer, over 50% of the wealth stays in Ecuador, the country of origin and contributes to its development, whereas chocolate made in non-cacao growing nations like the UK, typically sees less than 8% remain in the country of origin.

 They work with more than 4,000 organic farming families in Ecuador and pay these farmers a significant premium over market prices to ensure they are fairly compensated for their products and hard work.

 “We are intimately connected to cacao farmers and their needs, and we work with them in many important ways: to help them improve cacao yields, in implementing programs of organic and biodynamic certification, even creating a school of organic agriculture (COLEGIO CEFA),” says Pacari co-founder, Santiago Peralta.

 Pacari Chocolate is also proud to be one of the businesses across the world that is a Certified B Corporation which legally requires them to show how they have considered the impact of their business decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. The B Corp community works toward reduced inequality, lower levels of poverty, a healthier environment, stronger communities, and the creation of more high quality jobs with dignity and purpose. All the things that are important to the staff at Pacari.

Pacari Chocolate is also very proud to be a certified as a Fair Trade Enterprise by the World Fair Trade Organisation, putting people and planet before profits, this goes far beyond having a chocolate with the Fairtrade mark on it. Not every company that carries Fairtrade mark could pass WFTO certification and become a Fair Trade Enterprise.

 Juan Andres Santelices said:

 “We have a supply-chain, that is free of child labour, unlike some cheaper chocolates. We don't work with monoculture plantations of cacao that are responsible for deforesting the rainforest; we work with small farmers that grow their cacao trees within the Amazon rainforest, so that we contribute to protect this vital rainforest for all of us. We also focus on projects of conservation with WWF in Ecuador to protect species like the jaguar, tapir, pink river dolphin and Capuchin monkey as they are close to extinction, our core ethics being what truly drives us. We use the finest cacao, not cloned cacao like with many other chocolates. Our cacaos are fine flavour cacaos and rare varieties. In cultivating this, we protect biodiversity, but also get to offer truly delicious chocolates, which have won over 350 international awards, to the world. It is great to have been recognised by Ethical Consumer Magazine for all these achievements.”

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