Our name has changed

Our name has changed

We are now 'Paccari'

If you have been scrolling our website and noticed that the packaging says Pacari while in other places it reads as Paccari, do note that this is no spelling error! We are delighted to inform you that Pacari has now changed its name to Paccari.

To reflect on the journey so far, Pacari (now Paccari) is an award winning Ecuadorian chocolate company that has been producing high-quality chocolates since 2002. We work closely with over 4,000 small farmers to source the finest cocoa beans while being committed to sustainable and ethical practices

This change in the brand name is meant to emphasize the importance of Comunidad (community), Consciencia (conscience), Creatividad (creativity) and Confianza (trust). The additional 'C" in Paccari represents these four values that are integral to our philosophy and culture. While this is a significant brand name change, be rest assured that we are still in the business of providing you with the finest quality chocolate that you love.

We will shortly be incorporating this new name on the website media and also in the stores and on our packaging. So, if you are looking for delectable chocolate that is ethical, sustainable and community-centric, continue supporting us at Paccari!.

Once again, thank you for being a part of the Paccari community- we are looking forward to the exciting times ahead.

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