Learn to taste chocolate like a connoisseur

We've certainly all been guilty in the past of grabbing a bar of chocolate and eating it in one go, without ever REALLY tasting it. Did you know however that (good) chocolate is like any other fine food, in that it should be savoured slowly, to really appreciate the real complexity of its taste.

Like a good wine, there are certain steps you need to take to make the most of your chocolate, so we've included a few of them as starters. Like these? Join us for our next two online chocolate tasting dates of the 12th and 26th July with Pacari CEO and chocolate expert Santiago Peralta. 

1. If you're going to taste a number of chocolates, start with a chocolate of the lowest cacao content and work up. If you are tasting flavoured bars, save the strongest flavours until last (chili, coffee etc) as they can overpower other flavours.

2. Cleanse your palate between tastings with a little piece of bread or water

3. Mid-morning / mid-afternoon is the best time to taste chocolate, as you can better taste the aromas and flavours of the chocolate between meal times

4. Always taste your chocolate slowly, letting it melt at the top of your palate for maximum flavour. If you are tasting a good chocolate, the flavour can change as it melts in your mouth.

Explore with Santiago how to distinguish the difference between cacao beans, percentage of cacao, refine your palate and leave feeling like a chocolate connoisseur. Click here for more info: https://home.pacarichocolates.uk/collections/chocolate-tastings/products/online-chocolate-tasting-experience-with-pacari-founder-santiago-peralta?variant=32152759566389


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