Is Pacari Chocolate Good For You?

As we mark International World Chocolate Day, we explore the question on many minds - Is chocolate actually good for you?

Our answer, is that yes, but only a certain kind of chocolate. This cannot be said for all chocolate - many well-known brands are full of sugar and contain very little cacao goodness.

Our chocolate is different. A game-changer. Pacari turned around the entire industry in Ecuador, from exporting cocoa - into a family-run business making chocolate with cacao beans. Pacari was at the heart of this change; making chocolate to export; ‘from tree to bar’, retaining the nutrition and taste of their world famous cacao.

And so, cacao or cocoa? What's the difference anyway? Cocoa is highly heat processed, removing the flavonoids and antioxidants present in the raw cacao bean. On the other hand, cacao is cool processed, less refined and therefore more nutritious.

Our chocolate contains high amounts of cacao, ranging from 60% to 100%, ticking all the boxes on the ‘healthy’ list of flavonoids, iron and antioxidants. This is in stark contrast to the low cocoa/high sugar branded chocolate bars dominating the marketplace.

We have won over 300 international chocolate awards, due to the fact that we use the finest ingredients. We're healthy too, so give us a try if you'd like to find out for yourself with 20% off all our full size Chocolate Bars for 48 hours (excludes Raw 100% & Raw 101% bars). Just enter voucher code WORLDCHOCOLATE20 at checkout. Offer ends Thursday 8th July at midnight. 

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