Green smoothie with Organic, Vegan and Fair Trade Chilli Chocolate

All this month during Organic September, we're recognising the beauty that is buying, growing and eating organic produce. Today we're looking back at the  cherry season!

In Europe, the peak season for the cherry harvest is in the summer. @marinakristensensah (Find her on Instagram) is the queen of using seasonal fruits and veg in her recipes and this Smoothie doesn't disappoint! We think it makes a great breakfast option, but works great for snacks too.

Marina has topped this yummy smoothie with 2 tsp Pacari Vegan Organic Chilli Chocolate, with the chocolate topping adding an extra punch to the smoothie's creamy texture.

Our Organic Chocolate bar with Chilli is made from Merken Chilli, a unique chilli produced by the Mapuche indigenous people of Southern-Central Chile. You'll find the richness of the chocolate and the kick of the chilli a potent combination. 


Green Smoothie Recipe

60g banana (with peel*)

50g broccoli

30g spinach

2 tsp almond flour + 1/2 tsp maca 

1+1/2 tsp pea protein

1/2 tsp matcha

Marina has topped this yummy smoothie with 2 tsp Pacari Chilli Chocolate and Cherries, 2 small activated and (still wet) Brazil Nuts, 2 tsp puffed Quinoa.

Like more of these kinds of recipes? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Our chocolate is has multi-uses, we're always so glad to help out😋


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