Why pay more for fine chocolate?

Why pay more for fine chocolate, when you can easily buy a cheaper version in your local high-street store? The difference is when you buy Pacari, you buy a fair trade, organic and biodynamic chocolate, that is like no other in the world. It's not just us, who says that though. With over 300 medals at the International Chocolates Awards since 2012, we are the most awarded chocolate in the world, which we believe speaks volume about our high quality too.

We care about the planet and society, this shows in the fact that we pay 3 times more than the Fairtrade price to our farmers. We are proud to have a supply chain free of child labour, unlike some cheaper chocolates. We don't work with plantations of cacao that are responsible for deforesting the rainforest - we work with small farmers that grow their cacao trees within the Amazon rainforest, so that we contribute to protect this vital rainforest for all of us.

We also focus on projects of conservation with WWF in Ecuador to protect species like the jaguar, tapir, pink river dolphin and Capuchin monkey as they are close to extinction, our core ethics being what truly drives us. We use the finest cacao, not cloned cacao like with many other chocolates. Our cacao are fine flavour cacaos and rare varieties. In cultivating this, we protect biodiversity, but also get to offer our delicious chocolates to the world.

If you fancy learning how to properly taste our chocolate before you buy, check out our online chocolate tastings in our online store. We'd love to welcome you into the Pacari world!

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