Vegan diet more appealing since Covid-19

According to new research recently published by Mintel, 25% of young British Millennials (aged 21-30) say that the COVID-19 pandemic has made a vegan diet more appealing. Not only this, but the study of 2000 customers also reveals that a vegan diet is proving more attractive to over one in ten (12%) of all British people, rising to almost a quarter (22%) of Londoners, since the start of the pandemic. In general statistics show that the impact of COVID-19 has caused an unexpected surge in demand for plant based meat & dairy alternatives not only in Britain, but worldwide.

Alex Beckett, Associate Director, Mintel Food & Drink, said, “People want the world to change for the better right now and they are searching for ways to show compassion. For consumers struggling to know how to make a positive difference, cutting out animal protein may be seen as a way of tackling the climate crisis, showing compassion for nature, and boosting their own nutrient intake".

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 (Research via @mintelnews). 


Photo by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz on Unsplash


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