The Only Cacao Tree In Scotland!


Despite many misconceptions that abound about chocolate that is supposedly 'Made in Scotland', cacao trees do not grow here, or indeed, anywhere in Europe. 

Except that is for the odd solitary cacao trees found in Botanical Gardens. So make some time to check out The Glasshouses in the absolutely beautiful Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, as here nestled in the tropical Plants and People House you can find one just bearing fruit.

Many children (and adults) have never actually seen cacao pods (shown in yellow) and may not know where their favourite treat comes from, so it is fun to check out the tree (Theobroma cacao)! In each of these precious pods you can find up to 60 cacao beans which are used to make just one delicious 70% cacao chocolate bar.  

Well done to Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh for raising awareness that wild cacao plants in Amazonian rainforest habitat are being destroyed and that an important source of genetic material is being lost in favour of cheaper, cloned varieties or other agricultural produce.

Pacari Chocolate are doing their best to save this amazingly diverse species within Ecuador and bring you true 'Tree to Bar' chocolate, which unlike 99% of chocolate in the UK, is actually 100% made in a country that actually grows cacao trees!

 Check out the full collection here!


The Glasshouses. For more information visit 



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