Saving the planet with each chocolate bar

Since 2020, all inner packaging of our chocolate bars is 100% compostable. This means that in a mere 180 days, the material used to protect the bars inside our boxes is completely compostable in water and does not leave any sort of damaging residues. The outer packaging consists of cardboard. Most of our mini bars include the same packaging, as well as all our raw 100% and raw 101% cacao, plus our recently arrived chocolate bars with; Goldenberries, Blueberries, Cuzco Pink Salt, Chilli Peppers and Lemongrass. Over this year and next year we expect all our bars to have this new inner packaging.

As a company with strong beliefs about caring and looking after our planet, including its wildlife, our society and environment, we're constantly looking for ways to further reduce our environmental impact. In general, the majority of our packaging is 100% recyclable and since June 2019 all postal packaging used by Pacari UK is also plastic free, recyclable and compostable.

This is completely in line with the Pacari ethos and values and the desire to do our part in reducing the plastic that is harming our planet.


This article was updated on the 1st September 2020.

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