Pacari celebrates 22 new awards for excellence obtained in the most recent edition of the International Chocolate Awards-Americas 2021-2022 which, thanks to its very high quality, are added to the list of national and international recognitions that the brand has obtained in its two decades of experience.

The International Chocolate Awards are considered the "Oscar of chocolates" and are one of the most important events in this industry and Pacari was the only Ecuadorian brand awarded in the ICA edition of the Americas 2021-2022. In its 20-year history, Pacari chocolate bars have been continuously recognized by the ICAs as fine chocolates of extraordinary quality.

The list of winners of the ICA-Americas 2021-2022 was revealed on September 3, where Pacari received gold decorations for the Los Ríos and Raw bars, in addition to 12 silver and 6 bronze awards, for different products including for our Manabí, Lemongrass, Cuzco Salt & Nibs Organic Chocolate Bars and our Covered Bananas and Goldenberries. Upon learning of these results, Santiago Peralta, Founder of Pacari, affirmed with great pride and happiness that these awards are a reflection of the conscientious work of all those who make up its production chain and thanked the consumers who support the brand's philosophy: “it is an incentive to continue creating ethical chocolates, of excellent quality, that put Ecuador at the top of the industry and above all that take care of both the environment and our producers”.

Each year the ICA is held in a growing number of countries around the world and is made up of two phases: the semi-finals which take place in Asia Pacific, Scandinavia, England, Italy and the Mediterranean, Belgium, Europe, Eastern Europe and Americas; and the world final, attended by the winning brands of the first stage. In all of them, the participants are evaluated by a Grand Jury made up of international expert partners in chocolate tasting and evaluation, as well as pastry chefs, gastronomic journalists, bloggers, sommeliers and chefs, who decide which are the best pieces of the year, a process by which Pacari has passed on several occasions, winning in the highest categories, thanks to the innovation of its flavors.

The contest is an independent contest, created by chefs and gastronomy experts from various countries, including the United Kingdom, Italy and the United States who, since 2012, have identified excellence in the manufacture of fine chocolate and products made with this food in order to help cocoa producers, chocolatiers, artisans and companies, to strengthen their presence in international markets.

These awards ratify Pacari's commitment to his country, by producing high-quality products that place Ecuadorian chocolate at the top of the chocolate industry. Since its foundation, the brand has opted for a 100% organic, biodynamic product that respects and cares for the environment and the entire production chain, working hand in hand with more than 4,000 small-scale cocoa producers, under the concept of Fair Trade.

 For more information visit the International Chocolate Awards website.


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