400 Pacari Chocolate Bars donated to local food bank this Christmas

There are all sorts of reasons that people can fall on hard times. In many cities across the UK, people are increasingly having to turn to food banks to feed their families and yet donations are falling. We wanted to raise awareness about the increase in need for donations to food banks across the country.

We thought the best way we could help was to give directly to a local food bank and get you, our customers, involved, so you know that your order could also make a difference this Christmas.

As you can imagine quality fair trade, dark, vegan, organic chocolates like Pacari would be considered a luxury item but we know they are best when shared. We wrote to our  customers letting them know that until 16th December for every purchase of 10 bars we would donate at least 1 of our award winning bars for gifting to our local Edinburgh food bank as this is where we are based. 

Thanks to our customer sales, by the 16th December, the total came to over 200 chocolate bars and we matched this with a further 200 bars. The 400 dark organic chocolate bars have been dropped off to our local food bank and they have asked us to pass on their thanks. 

We hope it will be an original, unique and delicious treat for those who may not be struggling over the Christmas season.

For more information on the work of the Edinburgh NE and Leith food bank, visit their website http://edinburghne.foodbank.org.uk 

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