Pacari Chocolate wins 17 International World Chocolate Awards!

A magical time was had at this years London Chocolate Show 2017 which saw Pacari scoop up 17 International World Chocolate Awards!             

It is testimony to how Pacari, the first organic dark chocolate brand from Ecuador has blazed its way into a fiercely competitive industry and is now one of the most talked about brands of chocolate in the world.

We are so proud to be part of a mission to create the finest quality chocolate by using the best organic ingredients and ensuring that they are ethically sourced. It is fantastic seeing the brand get the recognition it deserves!

Check out the award winners in 4 different categories below:

Los Rios 72%  - World Gold (Best organic single origin chocolate)

Lemon Verbena 60% - World Gold (Best chocolate with infusion or flavouring)

Tutu Iku 70% - World Gold (Best plain/single origin dark chocolate)

Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs - World Silver

Chocolate Covered Goldenberry - World Silver

Chocolate Covered Banana - World Silver

Goldenberry 60% - World Silver

Passion fruit 60% - World Silver

Lemongrass 60% - World Silver

Merken Chilli 60% - World Silver

La Cumbia 70% - World Silver

Los Rios 72% - World Silver

Cardamom - World Silver (coming soon!)

Esmeraldas 60% - World Bronze

Manabi 65% - World Bronze

Piura 70% - World Bronze

Andean Mint 60% - World Bronze


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