Pacari and Pekoetea Event


As you may have noticed on social media, on 3rd June, Pacari Chocolates UK participated in a chocolate/tea pairing event hosted by Pekoetea Ediburgh.

This event was an opportunity for people to learn more about the different teas and chocolates, how to taste both properly and even how the two can sometimes combine and bring out the best in each other.

The event was a great success and we are grateful to all the people who attended and showed so much enthusiasm for our company and products.



We loved observing people’s reactions when trying some of our chocolates paired with teas: Lemon Verbena and Finest Keemun Mao Feng, Manabi 65% and Red Thunder, Passion Fruit and Bai Rui Xiang, Andean Rose and Japanese Matcha. Every person had a different opinion and tasted different flavours.

If you were there, then we hope you enjoyed your time with us.

If you were not able to come this time, check out our social media for more information about our next events.

Instagram: @pacariuk

Twitter: @pacariuk

Facebook: Pacari Chocolates UK

To all the chocolate lovers out there, thank you!

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