Our pride in being a Guaranteed Fair Trade Enterprise

At Pacari, we are immensely proud of being recognised as a Guaranteed Fair Trade Enterprise by the World Fair Trade Organization. To achieve this unique certification, we've shown that we're a company that transforms the communities in which it works with farmers, promotes environmental care, empowers women and practices organic agriculture. A mission-led enterprise that puts people and planet first. This certification means so much, both socially and sustainably, and shows that our insistence on offering better commercial conditions, while also guaranteeing the rights of marginalised producers and workers.

Pacari is honoured to be part of the Fair Trade enterprises that prioritise people and the planet by truly committing with the principles of Fair Trade and incorporating them in its business model. In this sense, Pacari supports small farmers in Ecuador and pays them a significant premium over market prices to ensure they are fairly compensated for their hard work.

Pacari cacao beans are sourced from cacao trees that naturally grow in the Amazon forest and are free from chemicals and transgenics. Furthermore, in order to reduce plastic waste, Pacari has recently started to implement a new environmentally friendly packaging made from vegetable cellulose.

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