Jan de Vries store- Health and Diet Centres: experts surround you!

Hi Everyone!

Do you already know Jan de Vries - Edinburgh West End? We are happy to be there since over a year now!




Did you know that... Pacari means Nature in Quichua? Isn’t it the perfect name for our luxury, fair trade and organic chocolate bars? Dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free, nuts free, and soy free. Just everything your body and mind need!

At Jan de Vries, they believe that Nature is able to help us restore and maintain health, offering high quality herbal remedies, supplements, natural cosmetics and organic foods. They are always happy to help you for a better understanding of how natural products can be a part of your life with a real knowledge of healthiness.

We are delighted to also be in the Jan de Vries store in Largs since June!



So if you have the chance to go there in Edinburgh or in Largs, take the time to stop by! You won’t be disappointed!


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