Ice-cream and chocolate? The perfect combination this summer!

We are super excited to announce that the fabulous Not Gelato which produces plant-based chocolate covered ice-cream bites is using Pacari Chocolate for their delicious creations!

Every single bite is handcrafted using real non-processed ingredients. Their real fresh fruits are blended making sure to keep all the good nutrients without adding any artificial nonsense! In addition, their bites don’t contain any refined sugar, are gluten and dairy free and topped with delicious Pacari chocolate couverture

Bea and Fra, co-founders of Not Gelato were born and raised in Milan, moved to London in 2015 and combined their true passion for wellbeing and premium fresh ingredients to create Not Gelato!

They believe nutrition has a major impact on a person’s wellbeing. A balanced diet is key and shouldn't become an effort. No one should give up the pleasure of a tasty dessert. We just made it healthy, without compromising on deliciousness!

“It’s common in Italy to eat ice-cream bites at the cinema or simply as a dessert and we realised London was lacking options of this delicious treat. Once we came up with a recipe for ice-cream bites that only uses premium real fruits and vegan dark chocolate, we knew we were onto something”

 Visit to find out more and check out their gorgeous mango, raspberry, banana, chocolate (and more) ice-cream products.



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