Guambras training in Edinburgh with Pacari Chocolate

Guambras is an all-female Ecuadorian sports team competing in adventure racing (awesome
sport that combines running-mtb-kayaking and orienteering!) mountain biking, trail running
and triathlon. More than a team, we are a group of friends who share a passion for the
outdoors! We are 7 girls in our 20s who inspire each other to aim higher, overcome our fears
and do things that seem impossible! Our team was born with the idea to empower women
through sports, showing that we are not afraid to get dirty, be out there and train hard.
More than winning podiums and medals, we believe that the biggest rival is yourself, and
that sports should be about fun and friendship, because there is no better way to enjoy the
outdoors. We are not professionals: we are dentists, lawyers, psychologists and advertisers.
Normal women with jobs and normal lives, only getting up a little bit earlier every morning
to do what we love.
Guambras was born in 2013 with the idea of becoming the first all-girls team to complete
Huairasinchi: Ecuador’s biggest adventure race covering around 450km in three days. When
we were looking for sponsors to support us in this crazy feat, Pacari Chocolate was the first one to
believe in this project, and they have been supporting Guambras ever since. Besides being a
brand that believes in our project and what we stand for, having Pacari chocolate as our
adventure snack is all we could ask for!
Although we are all based in Ecuador, Maria is currently doing her masters at Edinburgh
University, so a lot of Scottish and European adventures happening this summer for
Guambras! She will be doing OCC, part of UTMB in Chamonix in August: 56km of trail
running around Mont Blanc!

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