5 Reasons Why Pacari Chocolates Make The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

1. They are unique.  – Every year it gets harder to surprise your loved ones with something that is not in every second high street shops. Pacari Chocolates offers a range of over 40 products to choose from, including delicious gift sets uniquely available on our website.

2. They suit every taste.  – Being certified organic and kosher and with absolutely NO gluten, soy, dairy, nuts, palm oil or artificial ingredients the entire Pacari Chocolate range is perfect for vegans, health conscious and ethical mums who care about people and the planet!

3. They will make her happy. – A recent study has scientifically proven that consuming dark chocolate can improve mood and another study found it helps women who are experiencing sleep deprivation – perfect for new mothers!

4. They are a luxury treat. – There is no doubt that our chocolates make a wonderful gift, being the most awarded dark chocolate in the world (200 awards and counting!). It's the kind of treat your mum may not buy  for herself… which by  definition makes it the perfect gift and your mum deserves to be spoiled! 

5. They are delicious. – And is there a mother on the planet who doesn’t like chocolate? - Enough said!

Check out our latest Southern Flavours Gift Set with Passionfruit, Andean Rose, Cuzco Salt and Nibs and our Mother’s Day Chocolate Tasting Starter Kit with 3 award winning bars Passionfruit, Andean Mint and Los Rios.


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