Pacari Chocolates experience the Edinburgh Tourism Showcase

As you may have noticed on social media, on 19th May, Pacari Chocolates was exhibiting at the Edinburgh Tourism Showcase to promote some of our best products and create new market opportunities and relationships with some of Edinburgh’s finest tourism companies.

The event was a great success and we are really grateful to all the people who came to learn more about Pacari Chocolates and showed so much enthusiasm for our company and products.

We loved observing people’s reactions when trying some of our goodies: raw 70% dark chocolate covered cacao nibs, dark chocolate covered espresso beans and bananas. Their faces spoke for themselves and their delight filled us with joy.

If you joined us, then we  hope you enjoyed your time at the Edinburgh Tourism Showcase. If you were not able to come to this event, check out what you missed on our Facebook page

To all the chocolate lovers out there, thank you!


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